Heading out west is one of mine and my husbands fav vacays we take every year. Mammoth Lakes, California is tippy top of our list and where we usually go every summer.  This year we are flying out to Gardiner, Montana and taking in all the sights of Yellowstone.  Packing my suitcase is always an adventure (I always hit close to 60 lbs. on the Delta scale, #bringontheextracharge) as I am usually the girl who has to sit on her suitcase to close it.  This year I am trying hard though y’all.  Pushing for a simplified packing list + no overweight fees… so wish me luck!  Here is a peek at what I am packing:


…For the airport…

Comfy shirt for the ride

Slide-on sandals for easy security check-in

What I am reading right now

Jamming out in these


…On the trail…

Soft and stretchy leggings

Keeping my balance in these kicks

Staying hydrated with this

Throwing my hair up with this

Breaking a sweat in this


…Little day trips…

Skipping to Old Faithful in these

Carrying this

Dipping my toes in the Gallatin River in these

Throwing everything in this bag


…Fishing with the hubs…

Wearing this

In these sunnies

Tossing my hair up with this


…Whitewater Rafting…

Taking pics using this 

Swimming in this

Hanging on tight in these


…By the campfire…

Cuddling up with this

Keeping warm wearing this

Cozy mocs for my toes


Follow me along on instagram (@southernposies) for peeks of our traveling adventure and I will keep y’all posted when I get back on the best sights, eats and treats of the wild west.

Until next time,



P.S. One of our fav movies, A River Runs Through It (hellooo Brad Pitt), was filmed not too far from where we will be staying. If you have not seen, do it. You will thank me. 🙂