Each month, a few of us gals here at Southern Posies are giving you the low down on some of our favorite things in a segment called ‘SOPO Staples’ that is filled with products and tools we love to places and spaces we adore.  Scroll on down for what we are loving this month and be sure to tag us at #sopostaples if one of these is on your fav list, too.



This combines my love for meal planning and cooking into one big happy box.  Us women wear sooo many hats, right? We cook, we run a thousand and one errands, we clean (the fur babies, children and dishes… and eventually ourselves,) we work and yada yada yada. I could keep going but I think you get the picture. Life is busy and oftentimes our evenings consist of rolling in the door at half past six without a clue what to do for dinner.  Well this, my sweet friend, has been working for me and my husband for the past couple of months and we have loved it.  The app is easy peasy to use and you are able to select from a few entrees and can even click to stop each week you do not want meals delivered.  The best part? They arrive on your doorstep, in labeled packages with the recipes. I have found I am able to cook unique and fun dinners at a fraction of the time (and cost!) while still harvesting my love of cooking in the kitchen.
P.S. Click the link below for $30 off your first delivery

$30 Off Your First Blue Apron Order




Have you ever stepped out onto the grass in your new Steve Madden pumps and immediately sunk straight into the ground? I know I have (probably more than once!) Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that will absolutely save your favorite pair of heels (and your ankles, too.) These GoGo Heel Stoppers slide right onto the skinny part of your heel and stop that awful poking into the ground that happens when you walk. It’s science… or something like that. Brides need them, bridesmaids need them, anyone attending an outdoor wedding needs them. I cannot sing their praises enough. No more dirt on my heels or twisted ankles here!

GoGoHeel Stoppers, $9.99



After months of wanting the new iPad Pro, I finally caved in and IT’S THE BEST PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE. As a calligrapher, I can use the iPad along with the Apple Pencil to digitize my work and easily airdrop the files to all my devices (without any scanning or using other design programs!). If you follow any calligraphers on Instagram or come across their page, I’m sure you have seen them use the iPad Pro along with the Procreate App to design projects. After seeing my favorite creatives rave about the app, I knew it was something I had to have and I can honestly say I can’t live without it!

Apple iPad Pro, $599 + Apple Pencil, $99




Summer is approaching and with the warmer weather comes sunshine, pool days, and for me personally, oily skin. There is nothing worse than spending scared time in the morning applying makeup only to find that a few hours later has worn off and broken down from excess oil. So naturally when Dr. Brandt’s pores no more primer came into my life it seemed like an answered prayer. Y’all, it actually keeps my face matte throughout the entire day. I’m starting to believe that this is a new Holy Grail product for me. This primer not only mattifies your skin, it also minimizes the appearance of pores and helps foundation last longer. What more could a girl ask for? When I apply the primer, with clean hands, to my skin I can see a noticeably smoother texture that leaves the skin with a buttery finish that foundation glides right over. Where has this product been my whole life? I feel like I am ready to tackle the summer heat with my trusty primer in hand.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer, $45



These are my go to shoes for everyday wear. They are super comfortable, add a perfect touch to any casual outfit, and they go with pretty much every piece of clothing in my closet. What more could you want, right? I absolutely love slipping these on with a cute loose fit tee and jeans to run errands around town, meet friends for dinner, or even wear them for a casual day in the office. Everyone is wearing adidas superstar sneakers these days, and it makes sense: they’re cool, comfy, and somehow their white, thick sole, and 3 black lines go perfectly with any look. No, seriously. People are even paring them with dresses!

Adidas Superstar Shoes, $80