High school sweethearts, Martha and Stead got married last June in their hometown, Montgomery, Alabama. The whole week it was looking like a super stormy day so we ordered the cutest little yellow umbrellas and hoped for the best. It sprinkled long enough for us to get the cutest photo of Martha and Stead kissing under the umbrellas and then it was a beautiful day. Gotta love that unpredictable Alabama weather, am I right? Even if the sun wasn’t going to be out, we had a backup for it. Martha’s all-time favorite color is yellow and we had so much fun incorporating it into her floral design. It is impossible for us not to feel so happy when looking back at her. photos. We are obsessed!

Anna Godwin knocked the details styling out of the park on this one. They are definitely a favorite of ours to look at. The light buttery flowers at the bottom left are the individual petals of stock taken apart! I love how they look! Also, this perfume… Isn’t it perfect?

Where did you meet and how long have you been together?

Hard to say hard to say. We went to the same high school and church growing up. I think our first interaction was a very romantic “hey” outside of the Spanish classroom. I do however, remember the first time I noticed him a few weeks before that rendezvous. He was suavely popping his retainer in and out of his mouth. What was a girl to do! The romance escalated when we went to a dance together (rode with his dad) in 2006 and started dating a few months after. We were on and off the first part of college, but have been back together for several years! After a couple years of long distance, life finally got easy for us again when we both moved to Birmingham after we graduated.

What did you do on your first date?

Our first “car date” was to sinclaires in cloverdale on Valentines 2007. I wore a very frumpy red tea length skirt and ordered a Caesar salad. We sat on my porch after on a bench my mom had purchased just for the occasion. He gave me a framed picture of us from squires ball and I gave him the tv board game “scene it” espn edition. I guarantee you can still find that game in the shrink wrap in his childhood TV room.

We have noticed a big trend in non-traditional guest books recently. Many of our couples are opting to choose a coffee table book that reflects their combined interests or one for the bride’s and one for the groom’s and having guests leave notes inside. It is such a cool keepsake that also looks beautiful in your home together!

What activities do you enjoy doing together?

 We like to go to the lake, try new restaurants around Birmingham, and hike on occasion.

With the choice of yellows for flowers and June as the wedding month, we knew we had to incorporate lemons in the design. We used them as hi-boy table designs, incorporated them in bigger centerpieces (look back and see if you can find them) and we also came up with a sweet treat we had Jennie Weller create for guests as they entered. Scroll down to see how cute the mini lemon sorbets turned out!  The perfect refreshing taste for a warm June day.

Do you have any pets?

We have a black dog named Murphy! She’s crazy and hilarious and the center of 90% of our conversations. We adopted her from the humane society. She got really sick with pneumonia a few days after we got her and almost passed away. Thankfully our prayers were answered and she finally recovered after weeks in and out of the animal hospital. We just celebrated her first birthday and a clean bill of health. Watching her “zoomies” around Stead’s backyard you’d never know she had such a scary start. So to answer your question, yes we have a pet! We are “those” dog people. 

These are the lemon sorbet cups that Jennie Weller made for us. Complete with lemon zest on top in in a cup made of a hollowed out half-lemon! They were the perfect treat for guests walking in from that summer heat!

How would you describe your perfect date?

Grabbing dinner and drinks somewhere new where we can sit outside. Going home and walking the dog around the neighborhood!


Planning, Design & Florals: Southern Posies

Hair and Makeup: Beauty by Jess

Bride’s Gown: Carriage House

Bride’s Cake: Peggy McKinney

Groom’s Cupcakes: Peggy McKinney

Catering: Jennie Weller Catering

Bar & Beverage: B&B Bartending

Videography: Nick Drollette Photography

Reception Entertainment: 2nd Groove Showband

Photography: Anna Godwin Photography

Rentals: Brendle Rentals

Stationery: Carlson Craft by Southern Posies

Ceremony Venue: First United Methodist Church

Reception Venue: The Warehouse at Alley Station