Hey there friends! Welcome back to Proposals, Planning, and Posies! This week, Anna is giving yall a little inside info on planning a wedding with a shorter engagement. I hope you brides to be whose wedding day is fast approaching will find this post super helpful!


For part 4 of Proposals, Planning, and Posies, I’m giving y’all the deets about my own planning process – and how we did it all in 5 and a half months!  I cannot believe I will be saying my I Do’s this Saturday!

A little while ago, I gave y’all a little freebie timeline guide for a 12 month engagement (you can still download it here!). I know everyone’s engagement is different, some are longer than 12 months and some are shorter. Since mine was a good bit shorter, I want to give y’all the scoop on my own timeline and share a little advice I’ve learned along the way, and tell y’all how Southern Posies helped me plan everything in a short time frame.

 I got engaged March 15thwhich gave us exactly 5 and a half months to plan my September 1stwedding.  The absolute very first thing you need to do is set a budget, even if it’s tentative. I always hear Crystal mention in budget meetings that if you ‘fail to plan, you plan to fail.’  So before you take a step in the direction of booking vendors know your numbers first because you can get carried away and at that point it is harder to pick up the pieces and manage your cost. In my opinion, the next most important thing is your guest list. And guest lists take a while! Sit down and knock it out right away and you will be so glad you did! Just remember to always give yourself some wiggle room to expand it. The number of guests you anticipate will affect things like the venue you choose and who can cater your reception and obviously, your budget.

As far as the planning of my actual wedding, Southern Posies helped so much! We went on site visits to my ceremony and reception venues and within a few weeks, Crystal had already given me an entire Design Plan Proposal – complete with a layout, rentals and estimates, and of course flowers! Crystal sat down with me and gave me a list of to-do’s and things to get done each week and it made everything so easy!

My last bit of advice to all you brides to be – no matter how long or short your engagement is – is just to enjoy it as much as you can because it will fly by! It honestly seems like yesterday I said yes to the most amazing man and now we are just a few short days away from walking down the aisle. Don’t let planning stress you out or get you down, because at the end of the day you’ll be getting married to the person of your dreams and as cheesy as it is, that’s all that matters.

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