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Crystal Strickland | Southern Posies

Crystal Strickland


Hey there! I’m Crystal, and I’ll be the one handing you your first glass of champagne as a Mrs. (and making sure every detail is handled with intention and care along the way). As a boutique event and floral designer, my passion lies in telling Southern wedding stories infused with romantic details and charm.

My go-to word recipe for cultivating a memorable wedding is passionate, purposeful, and meaningful as your wedding is a sacred moment filled with the people you cherish most and a vow of love and commitment before God, family, and friends. That’s alot to take in and exactly where I can come alongside and help ensure our focus stays true on the things that matter most to you.

Coming from a family of creative entrepreneurs and a grandfather who was an award winning rose-gardener: it’s safe to say that with years in the events industry, I found my sweet spot (and now I believe in highschool sweethearts, lazy lake days, football tailgates, archways full of beautiful blooms, and family: don’t be surprised if you see handy husband (yup, high school sweetheart!) helping lay out details on your big day — and yes, he is pretty darn good at flowers.

Grateful you stopped by and wishing you an armful of blooms, friend!

Allie Little


Allie Little | Southern Posies

Hey y’all! I’m Allie. I have had a huge passion for weddings since day one. I have been to more weddings than I can count – always begging my mom to be her “plus one” to every single wedding she was invited to. I pored over glossy bridal magazines for much longer than I ever did my college textbooks. Speaking of books, I graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. During my last semester at Auburn, I had the pleasure of interning at Southern Bride magazine where I was fully immersed in the wonderful world of weddings day after day and grew a widespread knowledge of the industry. I joined Southern Posies in January of 2017 as the Event Manager and now you will find me scooting around our Mulberry Street studio space masterminding everything from event logistics and our bride’s vision boards to assembling the cutest boutonnieres you’ll ever see!

Scout Strickland


Scout Strickland | Southern Posies

My name is Elouise Scout Strickland, but you can call me Scout.  Usually I only hear my full name when I am in a bit of trouble. You will more than likely find me curled up beside you at our first meeting (cannot promise I will not lick ya) or right next door playing with my friends at doggie daycare. A few of my favorite things: socks, cheese and rubs behind my ears. I reeeally like flowers too but my mom keeps them outta my reach because I think I accidentally ate part of a bouquet one time.

Fun facts about me…I have swallowed six whole socks (I know, it’s weird but I kinda like ’em), my teeth chatter when my mom feeds me cheese (I can’t control it), I really like fishing with my dad and my favorite drive thru is chick-fil-a because they give me treats.

meet the southern posies family

So many hearts, hands and love drive this passionate company I started just out of my home a few years ago. I like to think of our team as just that: one big family. I am honored to work with this great group of individuals and know you will just love them too.  You will find our Event Team onsite at a variety of events and behind the scenes prepping and designing with blooms along the way.