Super excited to introduce to the craziest member of our team.  Boasting a title of Human Resources Manager, this professional tail wagger and greeter brings us and our clients a lot of joy (and laughs).

Currently, Scout is in Americus, Georgia with a trainer who is teaching her retrieving for hunting (the hubs is a big bird hunter).  Really missing this little brown dog but excited to see her come back with new tricks of the trade in a few months.

Find out more about this four legged child of mine below 😉

My name is Elouise Scout Strickland, but you can call me Scout.  Usually I only hear my full name when I am in a bit of trouble. You will more than likely find me curled up beside you at our first meeting (cannot promise I will not lick ya) or right next door playing with my friends at doggie daycare. A few of my favorite things: socks, cheese and rubs behind my ears. I reeeally like flowers too but my mom keeps them outta my reach because I think I accidentally ate part of a bouquet one time.

Fun facts about me…I have swallowed six whole socks (I know, it’s weird but I kinda like ’em), my teeth chatter when my mom feeds me cheese (I can’t control it), I really like fishing with my dad and my favorite drive thru is chick-fil-a because they give me treats.