In the South, today is pretty much our Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is the official start to college football! Can I get a “War Eagle”? I don’t know about you but my outfit has been picked out for weeks, my AU coozies packed up and I am anxiously awaiting 6:30 pm tomorrow night.

If you’re a football loving girl (like us Southern Posies gals), you know that picking a wedding date around the schedule is no easy task!  No matter what season you are saying your ‘I do’s’ in we love how these brides and grooms of ours incorporated their sports teams into their weddings.

Kaylin and Win wanted a custom banner to run through to their new lives together and look how cute these photos turned out!

If you are tried and true for that other team, the grooms cake is the perfect place to keep it subtle but still there 😉

This bride and groom clearly agree on everything but their team loyalty and both wanted to have their team represented. P.S. The groom thought he was getting an Alabama cake and when they cut into it, the bride had the baker make the inside a tribute to her colors!

This bride and groom chose the cutest way to pay tribute to their teams. The Yellowhammer is one of the signature drinks found around Tuscaloosa and if you’re an Auburn fan and haven’t had Toomer’s Lemonade, you might not be a true Auburn fan 😉

If you both love football but are at a standstill on whose team gets to take center stage like these two, opt for a cake that gets the point across without having to start the “whose team is better” argument. 

At the end of the day, remember you have chosen this person for life, for better for worse (even if your team loses the Iron Bowl.)