Happy Friday, friends! If things had gone as planned, we would be celebrating Sarah and Tom this weekend in their hometown of Andalusia, Alabama. We always have a Plan B for inclement weather but now we are learning that sometimes, things call for a Plan C (Or Plan Coronavirus.) They may have had to postpone their big day but we are going to celebrate them on our blog this weekend anyway! We are looking forward to celebrating them for real in August!


Photography: LAO Photography

From Sarah: We have three dogs between the two of us, and they rule our lives! Eloise is my almost 9-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She’s been through it all with me — from college to living in NYC and back to Alabama. Boss and Dee-Bo are Tom’s dogs that he rescued when he was working at a vet clinic in college about 9 years ago. Boss looks like a black lab and Dee-Bo is a pit bull.

Tell us about your engagement story.

We were driving down to 30A for lunch and he stopped at Grayton Beach State Park where we walked out to my “favorite place in the world,” Western Lake. He got down on one knee and said a bunch of sweet things and asked me to marry him. My parents were excitedly waiting in the parking lot, so we all had lunch together and popped champagne! Dinner was in Andalusia that night with both sides of the family. It was the perfect day!

How would you describe your ideal date?

Dinner and a movie! Andalusia has the cutest town square with a great steak place, an ice cream parlor and an old-school movie theater. We also like to drive down to Destin for Italian and a movie if we’re craving something different!

What is most important to you about your wedding day?

We want the focus of the wedding day to be the actual ceremony, after all that’s why we’re all here. But after that, we just want everyone to have fun! I want to create an experience for our guests with good food, good music and a good time!