We cannot wait for you to get to know one of our previous bride’s | current team SOPO gal + sweet Blooming Biz Babe, Anna!  We obviously really adore her and know you will to.  Check out her interview with us and where her love for photography started.

SP: Tell us a little about yourself and what you do!

Hey friends! My name is Anna Godwin and my business is Anna Godwin Photographs. I’ve had a camera in my hand as long as I can remember, but I officially started my business in February of 2017.

SP: How did you get started in this field of work? Tell us what inspired you to pursue this career.

I’ve always had a passion for photography. I remember taking my dad’s point-and-shoot camera to my childhood back yard and making our family pets model for me. Not much has changed minus the point-and-shoot camera! I started a smaller version of my  business in college under my maiden name, but after getting married in February of this year I decided to make my business to the next level. It has already been such an incredible journey!


SP: Where are ya located and what regions do you primarily serve?

I’m located in Montgomery, Alabama and I primarily serve Montgomery, and Birmingham, but I’m open to going anywhere! My dream is to shoot weddings all over the world.


SP: What products or services do you offer your clients?

I specialize in engagement and wedding photography, and I love forming an  intimate relationship with my sweet couples. I love serving people who are madly in love, and I believe marriage is one of the most important things on Earth. By the time I shoot a wedding, my hope is to be more like a great friend following my clients around with a camera, rather than just providing a service.


SP: What is your favorite part of your job?

The people! I remember the first time I was in the room as a mother of the bride helped her daughter slip into her wedding gown, and the holiness of that moment is something I’ll never forget. I’m truly humbled and honored by what I get to be apart of. When people look at my images, my hope is that they will remember where they started, and remember why they fell in love in the first place.


SP: What are some big takeaways you have learned being on your side of the events industry?

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing! It’s so easy in this social media driven industry to see someone else’s work and get discouraged. Although it’s completely normal to swoon over another creative’s work, you also have to keep the healthy balance or remembering what makes you different and focus on your specific gifts. There’s plenty of room at the table in the wedding industry, and no one has to feel like they have to fight for a seat. Creativity over competition has always been something I strongly believe in.


SP: What are some big takeaways you have learned being on your side of the events industry?

Focus on the moments that naturally occur during your wedding day. Of course, there will be moments that will be posed, but I find that the most beautiful moments occur when you are simply enjoying your day, and on how much you love each-other. On a more festive note, have someone bring your dog for some of your wedding day portraits. You will never regret having your fur child there, and you can have a floral collar fashioned for them so they looked dressed for the occasion!



SP:  Where would we find you outside of work?

More than likely dancing in my kitchen and showing off my awkward dance moves to my husband and two pups. There is never a dull moment in the Godwin house!



SP:  Any fun facts about you?

I studied classical ballet for eleven years at Andalusia Ballet. I’m not quite as graceful as I used to be, but I still hold on to my pointe shoes as a way to remember my glory days!

SP: Of course we have to ask, what is your favorite flower?

I would have to say it would be a solid tie between all white anemones and ranunculus. A bouquet incorporating those two beauties would be a dream!


Be sure to follow Anna along her photograph journey!

Web: www.annagodwinphotographs.com

Facebook: annaodwinphotographs

Instagram: @annagodwinphotographs

Email: heyfriends@annagodwinphotographs.com