Hey there friends! We’ve had some exciting things happening over here at Southern Posies. Two of our very own sopo gals, Anna and Katie, got engaged this year (yay!) and both spending all summer planning for their upcoming weddings! So this summer and fall, we want to do a fun new series for you called Proposals, Planning, & Posies where both Anna and Katie will take us step-by-step on both of their planning journeys. This will be a perfect peek to what our planning and design process is like, all the way from the time you get engaged to after your wedding day. We hope this little series gives all you brides-to-be some good tips, tricks, and advice for your own celebration.


Hey y’all! My name is Anna and I have been with Southern Posies for a little over a year. You can learn a little more about me here. I just got engaged to my sweet, handsome, goofy fiancé Sam, who is my best friend in the whole world. Sam and I met when we were 15 and were good friends all throughout high school. We started dating our senior year of high school and when we got to college we decided to just take the plunge and make it official and we never ever looked back! This past March, I went to visit Sam in Hilton Head where he was living for a few months doing an internship. We went for a walk on the beach and he surprised the heck out of me by getting down on his knee and asking me to spend forever with him. I’m pretty sure I screamed “YES!” before he even had the question out!

Photography by Milly Photography

Fast forward a few weeks and now I’m right in the middle of planning for our September wedding. I absolutely love all things weddings and when I first got engaged I thought since I’ve worked in weddings for so long, that planning my own wedding would be a breeze, right?? Well, as I’m sure all of y’all who are already married or are brides-to-be know that it’s not as easy as I thought to make all those decisions. I’ve had so many questions along the way and I’ve been blessed with a whole team of amazing women who have helped me every step of the way from making a registry to picking out the perfect hostess gifts and everything in between. I really want to take you along with me on this fun planning journey and hopefully pass on some wisdom and advice I’m learning along the way!

I’ll see you next week to share with you a peek at the initial steps we take at Southern Posies to get the ball rolling.  Plus, I will have a handy month to month planning guide and registry checklist for you too.

Cheers to love and wonderful rest of the week friends!


Photography by Milly Photography