Stains or wrinkles on a bridesmaids dress, an upset stomach, break a nail, a groomsman forgot socks?  Anything can happen on wedding day which is why we bring our big rolling ‘bride bag’ fully stocked with all of the necessities to ensure those little things are taken care of with ease. They are the smallest things you don’t want to stress about on your big day, but having these things handy and ready will solve the problem if that were to happen.


Here is a full list of everything we keep and fully restock before each wedding we are planning:

Image by Matty Drollette

for the attire

1. steamer (we usually bring at least 2, sometimes 3 depending on the size of the wedding party)

2. sewing kit + safety pins (I cannot tell you how many times we have had to adjust bustles, fix grandmother’s dress, sew a new hook and eye on the MOB’s gown, etc.)

3. lint roller

4. shout wipes + go

5. tide to-go pens

6. nice hangers (Ikea has great plain wooden ones we love)

7. dress tape/fashion tape

8.  dryer sheets (help get out the static!)


for the hair

1. hair straightner

2. bobby pins (blonde and brunette)

3. hair spray

4. dry shampoo


just some basics

1. mouth wash

2. mints

3. toothbrush + toothpaste + dental floss

4. deodorant

5. lotion

6. gold bond and baby powder

7. nail clippers + file + clear nail polish

8. nail polish remover

9. q tips

10. tampons + pads

11. medicine (tylenol, advil, midol, tums, benadryl etc.)

12. contact solution

13. bug spray

14. sunscreen

15. chapstick or lipstick

16.  straws (perfect for bridesmaids to use when brunching day of the wedding)

17.  tweezers

18.  granola bars or easy to carry snacks + candy for the little ones in the wedding party (I usually bring a couple of different things in case there are nut allergies, plus, this is a great way to keep the kiddos occupied and cooperative in walking down the aisle when they know they have a treat in store after the wedding!)

19.  krazy glue (perfect to fix that groomsman’s shoe that called it quits 30 minutes before walking down the aisle)

20. false eyelash glue


the extras

1. extension cords

2. lighters

3. scissors

4. flushable wipes

5. first aid kit

6. band-aids

7. guest book pens + chalk pens

8. bouquet, boutonniere and corsage pins

9. extra black socks

10.  phone charger

11.  kleenex

12.  scissors


for paper product styling

1. ring boxes (the Mrs. Box and Amonie ring boxes are our favs!)

2. silk ribbon (frou frou chic, tono & co, silk and willow to name a few)

3. wooden spools

4. custom fabric pieces (normally we scour a local craft store or purchase online from silk ribbon sources)

5. cork board with neutral fabric overlay (perfect to style your suite on the go or add the custom fabric to)

6. invitation suite of client

7. special mementos of client (shoes, handkerchief, letter, jewelry, etc.)

8. double sided tape

9. extra envelopes and calligraphy pen

10.  vintage stamps (etsy is a great source for these)

11.  extra boutonniere or wristlet or loose blooms