Sharing a few of our fav things this month with y’all! Let us know if you love these ‘must haves’ as much as we do!


Sugar Bear Hair

Gummies aren’t just for the kids.  I seriously could eat the entire jar of these because they are so darn good in a variety of ways.  From the taste to the actual changes you experience with your hair, Sugar bear hair vitamins are perfect to add to your vita regimen.  No worries ladies, these do not contain hormones so it does not affect your facial or body hair (#noextrachinhairs).  I swear my hair as seen healthy growth in just one month!



Sally Hansen, Wine Not

Fall is my absolute favorite season and that is no secret. When the calendar turns its page to October, the very first thing I do is switch to my Sally Hansen Wine Not nail polish (secondly, the booties and cardigans come out of the back of the closet.) This is the most perfect color for fall and really just puts me in the mood for leaf crunchin, pumpkin pickin, and hanging out on the back porch with a glass of red wine… Because “Wine Not?”



Daily Harvest Smoothies

Everyone, meet your new breakfast best friend! Not always have time to make breakfast before heading out the door? Me neither. Some mornings I would have a craving for a good smoothie and not always being able to have time before work to stop somewhere, that’s where Daily Harvest comes in! They deliver frozen pre-packaged smoothies, soups and desserts right to your door with all fresh and organic ingredients. All you have to do is add everything that’s in the cup into a blender, add your favorite milk or coconut water, blend it all up, pour back into the cup and you’re out the door. Yes, it’s really that simple! The cup even has a lid for a straw so it’s made for on the go! If you’re not sure if milk or coconut water goes with which one, they have recommendations for what liquid goes best on each cup! You can either have them delivered every week or month, but it doesn’t have to be either one! If you do weekly, you can easily select which weeks you want to skip. You can also determine how many smoothies you receive as well. Trust me, this one is a must-try!