I‘ve got three words for Alabama summers… too dang hot.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the south and summer but just the mixture is a bad combo for hair (unless you’re at the beach #saltyairandhairallday), girls who sweat and well obviously flowers.  However, this little treat is not only good to combat heat but is bikini bod approved AND almost too pretty to eat.

Our candy jar is a staple around the studio so coming up with fun popsicle recipes was a no-brainer for our sweet craving hearts.  Popsicles and Posies combines our love for all things recipes in floral design and that dripping goodness that you wear in the summer. At least I do when I eat popsicles.

So, we decided to combine our love for both the pretty and the sweet and what better than posies in a popsicle? Yes, they are edible, my friend.  Here is the low down on how to make these right at your kitchen counter.

Image by Anna Godwin Photography

All you need:

  • Your fav lemonade (we love Crystal Light)
  • Popsicle Mold
  • Rubber Bands and Popsicle Sticks
  • Edible Flowers – You can find these at a variety of places including online, Whole Foods or maybe just your backyard!


  1. Add your lemonade and water to popsicle mold.
  2. Submerge your flowers down in the water.
  3. Place the stick and holder back on the top of the mold and freeze overnight.

Side Note:  If you prefer the wooden popsicle sticks you will need to disregard using the kind that the mold provides and instead place the wood stick in the mold. Then, place the ‘mold stick holder’ through the wood stick with a rubberband at the base where the stick is coming out of the ‘mold stick holder’ to make sure the wooden stick stays submerged in the popsicle holder. Whew, I hope that makes sense!

Not interested in eating them but want it for a cute display at a party? We think even the flower ‘sicles look cute in an ice bucket with drinks OR feel free to add them to your actual ice cubes.

Now get to it babe and show us those sticky fingers and pretty pops with the hashtag #popsiclesandposies