Last August, we had the pleasure of working with Jackson Thornton on an exciting milestone celebration. 2019 was the 100 year anniversary of their founding and they reached out to us to help them plan an event to celebrate. They wanted to have their six offices across two states come together to celebrate a momentous accomplishment. We had the pleasure of working with two precious ladies over at Jackson Thornton on all the details of this event. Cindy and Angie, we are still so honored to have been a part of such a fun event!

In the 100th year, Jackson Thornton did a rebrand and changed their colors and logo. Their new logo featured a pinnacle which by dictionary definition means the most successful point; the culmination. It means a lot to their company and we decided to incorporate it in the event. Our color story focused on shades of copper, orange, blues, and creams.  When putting together a color story for a client we really like to go back to the intentionality factor as with all design elements.  We dug deep and here is how the color story unfolded:  The orange and blue was a nod to the president and managing partner’s love of Auburn and then we added hints of copper.  Copper continues to become even more beautiful with age and patina and we felt this synchronized perfectly considering this was celebrating 100 years of a company that continues to grow and exude excellence throughout time.  

Why did Jackson Thornton decide to throw a 100th celebration? 

From Cindy Scott: We really wanted to get our whole team together (from 6 offices in two states) and share a fun evening. You are only as good as your people and we wanted our people to know how much we value them and their contributions every day.

This linen from Nuage Designs was perfect for our color scheme and is made up of a repeating pinnacle design. It was one of our favorite design details!

What was the most important detail to you in planning this event? 

From Cindy Scott:  I think our goal with this celebration was that people walked away saying – “Man, that was so much fun!” We have been asked by several people if we can make that type of party an annual event.

How adorable is Jennie Weller’s clothespin taco station? It was such a hit and as tasty as it is cute!

What is your favorite memory from the event? 

From Cindy Scott:  Looking around and seeing people truly connect – over the food, the music, the photo booths . . . I could go on.

Blizzards are a must at Jackson Thornton celebrations so we had Jennie Weller do her take on a Dairy Queen Blizzard. (Take it from us, they were so good!!)

What vendors were important to you in planning and did any stick out in their execution of services? 

From Cindy Scott:  I know this is a Southern Posies blog but I do have to say Southern Posies. You all were such a pleasure to deal with – you thought of details that we didn’t, which was a tremendous help. An event like this has so many moving parts so it was invaluable to my team to have your help. It allowed us to be part of the evening too and not just “work the event” as so often happens. I will also say the incomparable Jennie Weller and her team knocked it out of the park.

Thank you, Cindy and Angie, for trusting us to help with such an important event for Jackson Thornton. We are so grateful to have been a part of this special milestone!


Planning, Design & Florals: Southern Posies

Photography: Nick Drollette Photography

Band: Big Night Dynamite

Rentals: Brendle Rentals

Catering: Jennie Weller Catering

Venue: The Warehouse at Alley Station

Linens: BBJ & Nuage Designs

Lighting: Special Event Lighting

Bar & Beverage: B&B Bartending

Photo Booth: Metropolitan Mirror