We are super excited to introduce you to a new segment titled: Blooming Biz Babes which features a new gal who is making it happen in the business world.  There is something super inspiring about seeing other women pushing boundaries in their careers while wearing a variety of other hats in everyday life. From wiping snotty noses to conquering that laundry mountain in the hallway to volunteering at church and clicking her heels and closing deals at work…we agree with Beyonce and think she is onto something here.

First up is a dear friend of mine who is slinging paint brushes on a canvas and creating pretty darn amazing artwork.  Elaine Burge and I met a few years ago and literally looked at each other and said we are going to be best friends.  It was really weird.  This gal is pretty much the Thelma to my Louise with her love of chickens, antiquing and art.  I know you will love her to and cannot wait for you to see the beauty this babe creates and the impact she is making in the art world.

Teresa Earnest Photography

SP: What’s the story behind your business? How did you get started?

EB: I have always loved to create. For as long as I can remember, the urge to make things has been a leading factor in my life. I assisted a muralist in high school and then painted scenery behind miniature train layouts while in college studying Graphic Design at The University of Georgia. I worked as a web designer in Atlanta for a couple of years but that lack of the tangible final product was leaving me unfulfilled. I needed to throw paint at a canvas. I met my husband and he told me that he thought I could pursue art full time, so I did. One $100 portrait at a time… I finally gained enough courage to start painting wildlife and abstracts (spontaneous creations, if you will) and somehow came across Gregg Irby Gallery in the process. I believe my friend Whitney Durham, who is an interior designer in Atlanta told me about the gallery. I was delivering a painting in Atlanta one day and decided to stop in. I immediately knew that these paintings had to be friends with mine. They would be best friends! So I sent in an artist submission on the site and it took months to hear back. Gregg was interested in a couple of pieces and asked if I had more to show. Because I was working mostly on commissions, I had little to show. I sent what I had and then the next time I was in Atlanta, which happened to be for a live event painting, I stopped in and shook Gregg’s hand with high hopes and low expectations. By the end of the conversation, she asked me how long it would take to get 20 paintings to the gallery… I was beside myself and will never forget it. I went back to my little 15×15″ studio and began the next phase of my creative life.

Holly Knight Photography

SP: What products or services do you offer your clients?

EB: Portraits of their loved ones, pups, special moments, abstracts, live event paintings and too much talking.

Holly Knight Photography

SP: What is your favorite part of your job?

EB: Creating something that people cherish makes me feel important.

Mark Williams Studio

SP: Where would we find you outside of work?

EB: In my chicken coup or riding around the quail course with my husband and daughter at Tarver Grove Plantation.

Holly Knight Photography

SP: Any fun facts about you?

EB: I love old stuff. I don’t think I will ever tire of searching through things at antique malls and thrift stores…. I’m always on the hunt for…. well, you know, just something cool!

Teresa Earnest Photography

SP: Of course we have to ask, what is your favorite flower?

EB: Don’t be ranunculus, that is a secret!

Holland Williams Photography

Visit www.elaineburge.com and get in the books for a live wedding painting that starts your fine art collection along with your life together!

Find this Blooming Biz Babe online:

Website: www.elaineburge.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/elaineburgeart

Instagram: www.instagram.com/elaineoyeburge/