It’s pretty normal for you to find my nose deep in any floral related book I can get my hands on.  There is something so fascinating to me about the intricacies of flowers.  From the smells, textures, shapes, patterns, colors, meanings, origins…I think ultimately it is seeing the Lord’s handiwork scattered across the earth with a gentle reminder that sometimes the most beautiful of things take time and usually grow through a whole lot of dirt and that out of patience and grace, we to can flourish from the messes of everyday life.

It truly reaches beyond the vase for me.  All of the reasons we give flowers is something that I cherish about my job.  It’s knowing that this simple gesture creates a ripple effect of joy passing from one hand to the other.  Serving others. Sharing beauty. Sending love. One bloom at a time…

When people ask me about our process and what makes working with Southern Posies different I like to dig deep into why we do what we do and give insight into our heart:  our passion is serving people and serving them well.  

My approach for wedding clients is to truly find out more about them as a person and how I can ease any worries or concerns.  Initial consults consist of me not having you list all your favorite flowers and colors (we get there) but questions about you and your fiancé come first. How you met. What you do for a living. What you do for fun. Where would we find you on a Sunday afternoon.  Some of these questions may seem way off topic but hearing those answers truly gets my mind racing to bring that glimpse of your story to life.

The same holds true for other celebrations our flowers are gracing.  Building our foundation on meaning and purpose is important and finding out those personable details and traditions allow us to create a one of a kind design.

One reason you will usually find at least one type of garden rose mixed in most of my designs?  My grandfather was an avid rose gardener himself and in fact, won ribbons for his bounty of beauty that lined his driveway.  It’s a nod to him and the legacy he left.  Like every seed that is planted, digging comes first before the growth.  This is how I see our client’s stories told authentically again and again.  Digging deep to find out their story and in turn bringing it to life.

Which brings me to our process.  Each of our proposals are started from scratch and fine tuned so you as the client can visually see and understand what you will be walking into on event day.  We love surprises, however, only in the best way.  For each of our floral client’s we take time to visit the venue sites together to map out our plan, see your layout and provide thoughtful design as well as ideas based on our conversations and your vision.  I love seeing images that inspire you.  Finding out why you are drawn to certain things is another fuel of my inspiration which then gives me the freedom to begin designing your floral proposal.

Hours go into creating one single proposal to ensure that details are conveyed vividly to our client.  From hand selecting the best containers, vessels and urns to the prettiest votives and of course blooms, each client is given a customized and tailored proposal.  Again, it goes back to serving you to the best of our ability and I feel that it is extremely important for you to know what to expect and what you are paying for.  This is one of the reasons I require individuals to book us before a proposal is even provided.  I want the time to get to know you well, custom design and fit your proposal to size and create an experience you will enjoy.

Once a proposal is accepted we move forward with confirming the flower order.  Flowers are then chosen and sourced from all over the world and recipe designs are created with each of our client’s in mind.

A lot of designers forego creating actual recipes for their work but I have found that by spending time on my recipes I am able to visually design in my head the direction of the design.  It also ensures that I am staying on par with budget and ordering enough product.  Now, there are a lot of times where we deviate from the actual recipe and add to or even take away certain elements however, for the most part it stays close to what I have dreamed up in my head.

Once blooms arrive to our studio it is processing day which consists of many hands de-thorning and stripping foliage from the stems and re-cutting.  This allows the flowers to drink better, assists with ensuring mold and bacteria are less likely to be caused by submerged leaves and keeps stems clean and easier to handle when designing.   Flowers are then treated with nourishing solutions to ensure they last as long as possible.  Then it’s on to designing and allocating florals based on the recipes I have created for each individual arrangement.

Foraging for local greenery, unique blooms and vines comes next as I love inputting natural surroundings into our designs.  Even finding elements close to the venue locations to further bring out the natural and organic feel is something I enjoy.

Images by Anna Godwin Photography

Then comes delivery and implementation. We do roughly 75-80% of our design work in our studio and then a lot of assembling day of for custom pieces, archways, large installs or ceiling installations.  If I had to give you my least favorite part of my job besides taxes and paperwork, it would definitely be cleaning out buckets and delivery.  It’s tough transporting flowers y’all! Especially in our southern heat 🙂

I will be sharing more about what it looks like on delivery + wedding/event day along with some FAQ’s very soon!

Until next time friends,