Let’s cut clear to the point, planning a wedding can be stressful.  But, it doesn’t have to be!  Listed below are a few things we suggest to ensure your day runs smoothly so all those wedding jitters can go away.

1. Forgetting to have a Plan B, C or even D

Having an outdoor ceremony or reception? A Plan B is a MUST regardless if you buried the bourbon. Weather (especially in Alabama) is so unpredictable so having multiple plans in place that cover rain, heat, or yes, even snow is super important. Whether it is planning to have a back up tent installed, additional a/c units brought in or potentially even an alternate location…I always say, ‘failing to plan is ultimately planning to fail’ in the event world.  I promise it will give you ease going into wedding week without checking the radar and daily weather updates constantly!


2. Not being a hospitable hostess

Remember, you are planning your biggest party to date and you would not invite guests over for dinner without showing them where the restroom is or give them a glass to drink with at dinner right?  Same thing with your wedding.  While it is not all about your guests, it is important to note that being hospitable to a group of 5 people or 500 people can be handled with grace but there must be thought put into the details.  From having enough food when your reception falls around dinner time, or when its a good ole hot summer wedding, refreshments waiting for them as soon as they walk through the door.  My rule of thumb when planning weddings for clients:  I want them to feel as welcome into the wedding as people do into my home for dinner.  Hospitable, welcoming, delicious food, bellies full, good company/entertainment and comfort.


3. Underestimating your timeline

Timelines are extremely crucial on wedding day!  I truly cannot say it enough.  We can spend hours, days, perfecting the wedding day schedule. Making sure everyone is where they need to be at a certain time to making sure everything runs smoothly without rushing or stressing you out or asking you the best question “What do we do now?”. Sending out timelines to your wedding party and to all of your vendors will help everyone anticipate what the day will be like.  We always add a little bit of flex in our schedules to allot for any overages (i.e. hair and makeup, someone running late, time for lunches/lag time, etc.) just in case.  You would rather your wedding party be sitting around waiting instead of rushing and not getting somewhere on time.


4. Not eating before your reception

Raise your hand former bride if you did not get to enjoy that perfectly planned out menu at your reception?  Well, short story for y’all. I was one of them!  Hubs and I decided not to eat prior to coming into our reception.  Long story short, our sweet caterer had our to-go basket packed up nicely for us in the limo after the reception and I reached over and took {what I thought was} the biggest spoonful of mashed potatoes.  Yea, um try straight up horseradish.  Talk about dis-gust-ing.  So, after that fiasco…I make sure that our couples take a time-out for themselves right after the ceremony.  We make plates for them in a secluded room and give them a breather for around 15-20 minutes.  Plus! This gives your guests a chance to get through the food lines and they are situated perfectly when we bring you out for your first dances instead of you walking out to crickets because everyone is in line for that fab food.


5. Not stopping to smell the roses

Literally and figuratively. Take it all in. This is one of the greatest days of your life and you don’t want to get so wrapped up in it you forget to really LIVE it. Take in every moment. Take those extra couple minutes alone with your soon-to-be-hubby before the reception starts. Stop to admire your bridal bouquet that smells as beautiful as it looks. Be fully present during your day.